Critical Needs

Critical needs are immediate and long-term needs of war-affected children and youth that require urgent attention. Since the civil war ended in April 2009, many people, especially the young are in vulnerable situations where basic needs are not met and future prospects for a normal life are severely jeopardized.

To address both both the immediate and long-term needs of young people in Kilinochchi,  Vavuniya and Vaddakachchi we ask for your help to provide funding for the two critical areas of Vocational Training and Essential Care.

Vocational Training

Providing employable skills to the youth to enable them to earn a living is one way to combat the current conditions of poverty in the Vanni Region. With more than 10,000 internally displaced young people entering adulthood each year in the camps or temporary shelters, many lack even basic employment to provide for themselves or their families. Vocational training for English teaching and skills training will help prepare some of the young for a productive life and in turn provide essential services to their communities.

 A Teacher Training Program session at the English Language School

Education plays a key role to uphold human dignity and enhance the development of people. Improving English literacy skills cannot be underscored enough as a felt need of the whole society in general, but particularly for the war affected children of Vanni region during their rebuilding and rehabilitation phase. The Kilinochchi English language school recruits war-affected youth in the Vanni and provides the Teacher Training Program. The Programs offers training to the youth to teach English to primary school students. With its inaugural program from January to June 2014 the School successfully trained 25 young people. For income generation, the trainees of the school participate in four self-sufficiency programs: vineyard, chicken farming, fresh water fish farming and gardening.

Orphaned girls in training to tailor at the Good Shepherd Convent

The Good Shepherd Convent in Vavuniya currently houses and trains 66 orphaned young girls between the ages of 16 and and 20 in tailoring, gardening and fabrication of  items such as bags. The convent’s training program is also income-generative, as items produced by girls in training can be sold at local markets. The convent has a mission to be as self-sustaining as possible, but its currently very limited in fulfilling all the needs of the program and providing proper services to the orphans. Your donations can greatly encourage and improve this fledgling enterprise.


1. Stationary
2. Books
3. Computers
4. Tables & chairs
5. Bicycles
6. English teachers’ salary
7. Computer teachers’ salary
8. Materials for income-generative programs
9. Equipment for income-generative programs
10. Classroom facilities

Essential Care

To provide  youth in training at the English Language School, Good Sheppard Convent  and children at St. Joseph’s Parish with basic physical and mental services to live a secure and normal life. Essential Care is: Health Care, Rehabilitation and Everyday Needs

  • Health Care

The medical conditions of the young in the Vanni are acquired through prolonged war, disease and environmental causes. Existing conditions impose limitations on the young to perform daily activities, substantially limiting prospects for a normal life.

  • Rehabilitation

The young in the Vanni have been affected by air strikes, rocket shells and other forms of military attacks as well as months of despair in internment camps or prison. They require  vital rehabilitation services to attain basic mental stability to lead normal independent lives.

These children and young adults need sustained in-patient or out-patient rehabilitation services. Partial and unmet rehabilitation may ultimately lead to a loss of functional autonomy, which increases hospitalization and institutionalization, leading to a significant psychological and financial burden on the patients, their families and the fragile health care systems of Kilinochchi, Vavuynia and Vaddakachchi

  • Everyday Needs

Everyday needs go unmet for a large part of  the population of the Vanni. Your donation will help provide children living at St. Joseph’s Parish and the youth in training at English Language School and Good Shepherd Convent with food and shelter.

Children at St. Joseph’s Parish are provided with a meal at lunch hour


1. Food
2. Housing
3. Transportation
4. Beds & bedding
5. Medicine
6. Medical treatment
7. Surgery
8. Health diagnosis
9. Mental health counseling
10. Mental health treatment
11. Basic medical equipment
12. Basic training of medical staff
13. Toilet facilities
14. Hygiene supplies