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The Vanni

The Vanni is a region in the North-East of Sri Lanka that was severely affected by a thirty-year civil war that ended in April 2009. Since then, hundreds of thousands people have been internally displaced and in need of vital immediate and long-term international assistance.

Our campaign focuses on children and youth in the districts of Kilinochchi, Vavuniya and Vaddakachchi. These districts are three of the most war-affective places within the Vanni, but also where there is much hope to drastically improve the lives of children and youth.

Critical Needs

Critical needs are immediate and long-term needs of war-affected children and youth that require urgent attention.

Since the civil war ended in April 2009, many people, especially the young are in vulnerable situations where basic needs are not met and future prospects for a normal life are severely jeopardized.

The focus of our campaign is to raise $100,000 for the two critical areas of Vocational Training & Essential Care for one full year. Your donation goes to three recipients in the Vanni: the English Language School in Kilinochchi, Good Sheppard Convent in Vavuniya and the St. Joseph's Parish in Vaddakachchi.

Your Donation

Your donation will provide youth with:

Employable skills for the youth to enable themselves to earn a living and in turn provide essential services to their communities.

Your donation will provide youth and children with:

Health care, rehabilitation, food and shelter to enable youth in vocational training and children in school to lead secure and normal lives.

Help us reach our goal of $100,000

Your support is absolutely essential to meet our funding goal. No amount is too small and we hope you will give what you can to our cause.
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